Are we making celebrities out of the climate crisis? Time to think REAL Action.

The climate movement has in the last couple years taken a new turn world over. Now more than ever before, young people have mobilized around the climate strikes, a tactic that has spread across the world like wild fire. And yes, this is a much needed ingredient when it comes to resistance & the cause... Continue Reading →

Any hopes after COP25?

Whereas #COP25 has largely been marked as a failed one, especially when it comes to Article (6) on carbon markets, & Raising ambitions on NDCs, young people have not relented on our pressure, as well as our contributions to the process. It has also been the longest COP, one filled with reluctance from "Big brothers"... Continue Reading →

Extinction Rebellion – Civil Disobedience and Non-Violent Direct Action

Such a great contextualization and accounting of the civil disobedience & non-violence direct actions. It is great knowing of this experience from another part of the world. I personally have had training on NVDA & planning strategies for campaigns from Kenya, and I am amazed by how XR creatively uses people skills, diversity & resources to achieve their eventual goals. Of course issues we fight may differ, but how we approach movements and campaigns pretty much has some similar approaches & planning/ strategy. Yes, in my dissection of this Peace, I quite agree. The emotional support before, during & after actions is very key. Counsellors are very key to keep campaigns alive!

Finally, thank you for sharing your first-hand experiemces Sammie, this forms a huge basis of lessons to learn from, for people in this space.


I think many Singaporeans following world news would be alarmed by the increasing number and scale of protests and civil disobedience movements worldwide. Aiyo, like that economy how? Why create trouble ah? 

While I am not here to suggest that they are ‘goodʼ, I would like to provide some perspective having participated in some civil disobedience action by Extinction Rebellion (XR). Another important disclaimer here is that XR protests were organized in many other, mostly European cities and the one which received the most coverage was the one in London. The one I participated in was in Amsterdam – the Rijksmuseum blockade (October 7) and the Blauwbrug blockade (October 13). 

IMG_0028 2.JPGAt the Blauwbrug Blockade (Source: Extinction Rebellion Netherlands’ Facebook)

What is the issue?

The issue here is the urgency of the climate crisis and the inaction by governments. And no one doesn’t need to have Trump as president…

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Local Conference of Youth( LCOYke): towards COP25

It has been a great honor participating in Kenya's Local Conference of Youth (November 13-14, 2019) in the lead up to #cop25. But it was not just about that: 1. I gave an (#Youth4Nature ) Expert presentation on #naturebasedsolutions & youth engagement on the same, and how to push for more adoption of Nature Based... Continue Reading →

UNSG summit & Youth at the frontlines in NY

*Reflections on my experiences at Youth4Nature* When I got the successful email as a regional coordinator for Africa under Youth4Nature, I remember vividly the glow that surrounded my face. Yes, a glow full of hope, and the zeal to stand up to the occasion. My belief in Youth leadership on Environmental Advocacy & meaningful engagement... Continue Reading →

UNEA 4: reCounting the Assemblies

Four years it has been since the inception of the United Nations Environment Assembly-a global conference convened in Kenya's capital of Nairobi, at the Gigiri UNON Headquarters. From matters action on Climate to beating plastic pollution, investing in blue economy, etc, the world has shared a common space to exchange good practices through state, non-state,... Continue Reading →

Africa Liberation Day: May 25th #AfrikaVuka-Nairobi

Africa has come a long way, yet, 56yrs since her liberation, fossil fuels are a talk of the present day. We the citizens of goodwill came together across Africa, to take back our power, and ask our leaders to get serious & ensure a smooth 100% investment in renewable energy across the continent. We are blessed with vast sunshine, extensive savanas & deserts, geothermal & other clean energy sources. It is time to go #AfrikaVuka

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