Local Conference of Youth( LCOYke): towards COP25

It has been a great honor participating in Kenya's Local Conference of Youth (November 13-14, 2019) in the lead up to #cop25. But it was not just about that: 1. I gave an (#Youth4Nature ) Expert presentation on #naturebasedsolutions & youth engagement on the same, and how to push for more adoption of Nature Based... Continue Reading →

UNSG summit & Youth at the frontlines in NY

*Reflections on my experiences at Youth4Nature* When I got the successful email as a regional coordinator for Africa under Youth4Nature, I remember vividly the glow that surrounded my face. Yes, a glow full of hope, and the zeal to stand up to the occasion. My belief in Youth leadership on Environmental Advocacy & meaningful engagement... Continue Reading →

Africa Liberation Day: May 25th #AfrikaVuka-Nairobi

Africa has come a long way, yet, 56yrs since her liberation, fossil fuels are a talk of the present day. We the citizens of goodwill came together across Africa, to take back our power, and ask our leaders to get serious & ensure a smooth 100% investment in renewable energy across the continent. We are blessed with vast sunshine, extensive savanas & deserts, geothermal & other clean energy sources. It is time to go #AfrikaVuka

Citizen Science in Biodiversity: City Nature Challenge 2019 Nairobi

Citizen science simply refers to the participation of ordinary members of the society to help bring about an impact; people from different backgrounds come together to engage on an activity meant to solve some issues in the community, contribute to knowledge, put in place good policies, as well as having people be part of such... Continue Reading →

The Killer NEEDLE

Coastal environments are a thing to pride in; cool breezes, ocean waters, water birds, the sandy beaches and all sorts of magnificent things. A paradise-one may refer to. Of importance are the many tourist activities that take place in these beautiful environments. One such are the fun activities involved. Some include food that we eat,... Continue Reading →

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