Climate Action Now

Across the world now, youth action & advocacy for the climate has never been this huge, it has never been this important. Yes, we young people, have refused to just be desktop heroes, we have challenged ourselves to get out of pur comfort zones, and together, lead the world towards taking urgent actions to safeguard... Continue Reading →

Digital Storytelling for Impact

Our living Planet is Burning! Yes, burning from the effects of our own doing. Our climate is fast changing, our rivers drying, rains erratic, and extreme weathers becoming norm of the day. But how do we position ourselves in order to deal with the elephant in the room? What actions can we be part of,both... Continue Reading →

Youth4Nature Official Global Launch: May 14th 2019

Introducing Youth4Nature! We are a youth-led, international initiative advocating for nature-based solutions in climate action, in partnership with #Nature4Climate and Climate Guides. Join our official Global Launch! On May 14, 2019 15:00 UTC. Register in advance HERE: PS: Let us come together & offer solutions, share knowledge & move forward together. #Youth4Nature

The Bliss in Lamu

Islands have for long been praised, not solely due to their seclusion nature, but also due to their unique characteristics, ranging from endemic biodiversity, to the swirling sea waves, and the local cultures that have evolved over time. Lamu is no exception, especially on the cultural and heritage aspects of this island archipelago. Lamu town,... Continue Reading →

Artivism for Activism

Growing up, I occasionally heard of people or groups of people who always "resisted" the government, development agencies, among other institutions for bad governance, environmental degradation; generally all sorts of social & environmental injustices. However, what kept me mesmerized was the level of zeal these activists showed, a passion and dedication to the cause they... Continue Reading →

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