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Day Zero in SA, a wake-up call for Kenya`s Conservation?

Residents queue for water in Cape Town

Cape Town, South Africa`s second largest city runs the risk of having no water running through its taps in the near future[city has less than 90 days worth of water in its reservoirs]. This news has spread like wild-fire, and this is the sad reality facing this urban locale.



Well then, many would think that the Thirsty city is many miles away from us. However, in reality, we are not doing much to ensure and sustain an ecological balance here in Kenya. It is in the public domain that cities[ including but not limited to Migori, Mombasa & Kakamega] in Kenya are facing acute water shortages. Then comes the water cartels who persistently work to ensure connection pipes are disrupted and water never makes it to residential areas. For them to thrive, hand-pulled carts deliver the “borehole” water, an activity that has taken root across Nairobi city and many other cities. We might say that they are saviors during the water crises, but we are only fooling ourselves in the long run. This is a business coined for a few[some innocent,maybe], at the very expense of urban dwellers, and must be dealt with.


This caption might sound funny but that is the sad reality down there

Get down and ponder about this; Kenya has not yet attained the 10% threshold on forest cover, at the same time, licensed as well as illegal logging within major water towers[ also affects other forests] is order of the day, then the involved cartels come forth accusing defenders of nature of interference with their businesses. You see, this is the very arrogance if not ignorance which is seeing some major cities on water supply deficits. Much as it is true that tree products will remain to drive most of developmental pathways, innovtion and sustainability approaches to forest resources not only assures us of immediate benefits, but also proper management for the future generations. Read more here

If we continue with this careless trend, Kenya will always never evade drought and famine events, our wildlife & tourism sectors will lose their economic muscle and nature will keep hitting us hard. Thanks to stern legislators, the likes of Governor Charity Ngilu who are keen on environmental stewardship. Despite all opposition, she is trying her best to revert all driving forces to the arid nature of Kitui county. It should be noted that such moves are not meant to create animosity among different communities, rather to ensure that we all reap fruits of a well conserved ecosystem.

Lastly, we all should recognize that the community are the most important stakeholders in anything. Involvement of both upstream and downstream communities in matters water resources is crucial. As leaders and experts in ecology, hydrology or even WASH programs, catering for the needs of both communities without compromising the integrity of water systems is the ultimate sacrifice we must always pursue.  If not, we might just be incubating a perfect system for water WARS in this century!

Just a small proportion of water remains in Cape`s city water reservoir

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“Let a woman free in matters nature and you`ve won yourself a worthy investment in biodiversity conservation”~Green Treasures Farms

Photo credits: Google images “Day zero cape town”, Green Treasures Farms archives

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