WHAT IS FASHION REVOLUTION WEEK? #FashionRevolutionWeek is a week of campaigns centered around creating a better fashion industry by involving the global community to join in and act by asking brands 'Who made my clothes'?.  It happens every year within the anniversary of  the Rana Plaza tragedy that happened on 24th April 2013 killing over... Continue Reading →

Big Ship Shifting the Tables with Mangroves: #StoriesOfChange

[MOMBASA - Kenya] Harnessing the power of community conservation along Kenya's coast to safeguard Mangrove ecosystems for resiliency and climate actionBig Ship Environmental Organisation, a community based environmental group based in Mombasa has led in efforts to restore the mangrove forest ecosystems in the Tudor creek and other sites in the area. They are on... Continue Reading →

A legacy 10yrs on, even in death: #StoriesOfChange – Wangari Maathai

What I remember vividly is the fateful day in September 2011. That moment when I learned of her demise. The day I shed that bitter tear and let the tears join my watering pot in nourishing the trees to celebrate her inspiring life and legacy.Having been highly motivated by my icon, I set out to... Continue Reading →

What’s in the Trees & Students?: #StoriesOfChange

They say that learning is a lifelong duty.And for sure, I know it is. In the classroom or anywhere else, we learn new, different, and most times, challenging lessons. Yet this is important in the shaping of what journeys each one of us is embarking on.It comes naturally that just recently, Kenyans of goodwill and... Continue Reading →

Into the WILD: #StoriesOfChange

Often times, we are reminded of so much that is not working right, or not being done right. Failing leadership, corruption, fake friendships, or even climate crisis complacency and denialism. And closer yet, environmental and biodiversity loss, and the ever sad features of suffering communities and failed systems. But, that is not just the only... Continue Reading →

Mangroves for the Decade on Restoration

Heard of it yet? Yes, this is is the new decade for climate and biodiversity action. A decade on ecosystem restoration. And from the look of things, we are on the hopeful path of leading in the creation of solutions. From planting and monitoring of trees, to safeguarding and protecting existing forest ecosystems, to sustainably... Continue Reading →

Navigating through challenging 2020 Times

 The past few months have been a whole new experience for me( and I trust for you too). I have been through so much; learning new skills, experiencing anxiety, navigating covid-19 lock-down and transition to working mostly online, classes and running fora. If you know me well, you would know that I strive to create... Continue Reading →

A letter to Roy. He’s the black guy in my pictures.

This is such a flowing & an organically flowing train of genuine emotions, ans one that is timely so during these anti-racism stronger moments.

My takeaway is that we all should value the human life regardless of all prejudices(race, religion, region, social status, gender, etc). We are human beings first and we should let our hummanness bribg us together, always. In the spirit of Maya Angelou, LOVE love liberates. This piece of writing is liberating to the genuine writer and to the many folks who certainly related to and acknowledge this as their story of guilty and the courage to come out to make amends with the past.

Scot Loyd

Dear Roy,

You were the friend of my youth. You are black and I am white. When we became adults, we drifted apart. You served in the military. I served in the ministry. You died too soon for me to tell you this in person, so I’ll tell you now. You endured more than you should have, suffered more than you deserved, and were held to the unreasonable expectations of white culture, yet still you were my friend.

You came to my white church. You stayed in my white home. You ate at my white table. Yet I never stayed at yours. An occasional visit to your world was all my whiteness could warrant, yet you were expected to live in mine.

Roy at my birthday party.

I was in your presence when the n-word was used, on multiple occasions. I said nothing. You ignored it, while others laughed at…

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Pioneering New Outfits: experiences & lessons learned in co-organizing a digital forum.

 Organizing and planning for events has over the years played a key role in making the person I have become today. Dealing with the nitty-gritties and ensuring that I work in a team and thrive while at it to deliver a successful event has been a real experience. This, of course, is by no means... Continue Reading →

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