A letter to Roy. He’s the black guy in my pictures.

This is such a flowing & an organically flowing train of genuine emotions, ans one that is timely so during these anti-racism stronger moments.

My takeaway is that we all should value the human life regardless of all prejudices(race, religion, region, social status, gender, etc). We are human beings first and we should let our hummanness bribg us together, always. In the spirit of Maya Angelou, LOVE love liberates. This piece of writing is liberating to the genuine writer and to the many folks who certainly related to and acknowledge this as their story of guilty and the courage to come out to make amends with the past.

Scot Loyd

Dear Roy,

You were the friend of my youth. You are black and I am white. When we became adults, we drifted apart. You served in the military. I served in the ministry. You died too soon for me to tell you this in person, so I’ll tell you now. You endured more than you should have, suffered more than you deserved, and were held to the unreasonable expectations of white culture, yet still you were my friend.

You came to my white church. You stayed in my white home. You ate at my white table. Yet I never stayed at yours. An occasional visit to your world was all my whiteness could warrant, yet you were expected to live in mine.

Roy at my birthday party.

I was in your presence when the n-word was used, on multiple occasions. I said nothing. You ignored it, while others laughed at…

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Pioneering New Outfits: experiences & lessons learned in co-organizing a digital forum.

 Organizing and planning for events has over the years played a key role in making the person I have become today. Dealing with the nitty-gritties and ensuring that I work in a team and thrive while at it to deliver a successful event has been a real experience. This, of course, is by no means... Continue Reading →


So glad to share this article for an interview I did on the sidelines of COP25,Madrid, Spain 2019.

Please take a moment, read & leave your feedback.

Many thanks for the Feature. Indeed, Wangari Maathai is my Green Mother!


Paul Mutuku, 26, is an environmental & human rights activist from Kenyaand is currently attending the COP25 UN climate conference in Madrid. He is the founder of the Green Treasure Farms organisation which educates women and young people on water harvesting, food sovereignty and environmental work in Kenya. In this interview he shares the motivation behind his work as an environmental campaignerand his plans for the future.

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Climate activist Paul from Kenya
Source: https://www.youth4nature.org/our-team

When and whydid you start your environmentalist work?

I grew up in rural Kenya, and, nature was always close to me. I was fond of serenity, especially forests. As a kid, I accompanied my grandfather as he went to plant trees, and I remember how fun it was to play in the muddy black soil during the planting activities. I also helped him prepare nursery beds for trees. When I was a teenager (17), I…

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Are we making celebrities out of the climate crisis? Time to think REAL Action.

The climate movement has in the last couple years taken a new turn world over. Now more than ever before, young people have mobilized around the climate strikes, a tactic that has spread across the world like wild fire. And yes, this is a much needed ingredient when it comes to resistance & the cause... Continue Reading →

Extinction Rebellion – Civil Disobedience and Non-Violent Direct Action

Such a great contextualization and accounting of the civil disobedience & non-violence direct actions. It is great knowing of this experience from another part of the world. I personally have had training on NVDA & planning strategies for campaigns from Kenya, and I am amazed by how XR creatively uses people skills, diversity & resources to achieve their eventual goals. Of course issues we fight may differ, but how we approach movements and campaigns pretty much has some similar approaches & planning/ strategy. Yes, in my dissection of this Peace, I quite agree. The emotional support before, during & after actions is very key. Counsellors are very key to keep campaigns alive!

Finally, thank you for sharing your first-hand experiemces Sammie, this forms a huge basis of lessons to learn from, for people in this space.


I think many Singaporeans following world news would be alarmed by the increasing number and scale of protests and civil disobedience movements worldwide. Aiyo, like that economy how? Why create trouble ah? 

While I am not here to suggest that they are ‘goodʼ, I would like to provide some perspective having participated in some civil disobedience action by Extinction Rebellion (XR). Another important disclaimer here is that XR protests were organized in many other, mostly European cities and the one which received the most coverage was the one in London. The one I participated in was in Amsterdam – the Rijksmuseum blockade (October 7) and the Blauwbrug blockade (October 13). 

IMG_0028 2.JPGAt the Blauwbrug Blockade (Source: Extinction Rebellion Netherlands’ Facebook)

What is the issue?

The issue here is the urgency of the climate crisis and the inaction by governments. And no one doesn’t need to have Trump as president…

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