Coming from a community where women & children walk for kilometers to fetch water for their families, I witnessed it first-hand, how women had to toil and spend most of their energies in search of water for the household. It is from this that the idea of Green Treasures Farms was initiated. GTF seeks to train women & youth on the importance of conservation in order to ensure continued water availability & train them to be greenpreneurs.

Greenpreneurs– These are individuals who have been equipped with skills on water harvesting, environmental conservation & sustainable consumption habits, so that they can sustain-ably fend for their families as they take care of the environment.


Mission, Vision


A world where women & youth are empowered to create a sustainable environment



To equip women & youth with skills and methods of water harvesting, tree growing and zero wastage of environmental resources



  1. To train and engage women on methods of water harvesting, water storage and safe water utilization
  2. To train women on seed propagation and sustained tree growing
  3. To identify area specific trees and plants for Agro-forestry, that enhances environmental integrity.
  4. To engage women in sustainable food production systems
  5. To equip women with practices towards environmental sustainability


Tagline: Intensifying Environmental Sustainability


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